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May 26, 2018


Sunscreen. Which one do you pick out of the hundreds of choices Target or Amazon gives you? I’m sure you could spend hours comparing one to the other, should you get 40 spf or 70 spf? Is the clear one as effective as the white one? How do I know what chemicals to stay away from? Overwhelmed yet?! - Haha. This is why when looking for a sunscreen, we like to keep it simple.

We want a safe sunscreen that isn’t filled with toxic chemicals. Remember, our skin is an organ and is porous which allows things to penetrate deeper into our bodies - So we only want to put good stuff on our skin.

The sun gives us Vitamin D which is important for immune function as well as many other things. But we don’t need to overdo it. Many of us are having fun in the sun for many hours, so we need to apply  sunscreen after about 15 minutes of letting our body get direct sun.

Below is a list of toxins we like to stay away from as well as a few of our personal favorite sunscreens.

Don’t forget, the best type of sunscreen will always be SHADE. If you don’t have shade, be sure to take an umbrella with you. Wearing sun and heat appropriate clothes like dry fit shirts, hats and sunglasses will also protect your skin from the harmful UV rays/radiation.

Toxins to stay away from:



Our Personal Faves:

All Good Sports Sunscreen $14.24, 3 oz

Badger Sunscreen and Lotion $13.59, 2.9 oz

Kabana Organic Sunscreen $37.69, 8 oz 

The Honest Co. Sunscreen $14.99, 3 oz

Elta MD Sunblock $33.00, 1.7 oz

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