What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that your body makes which helps to keep your skin elastic, your joints functioning well, and your digestive tract healthy. Your body makes plenty of it up until your mid-twenties at which point internal production starts to decline. 

Why do I need collagen?

Your body produces collages abundantly up until about age 25, at which point internal collagen production begins to slow down. Taking collagen helps to slow down the effects of aging by feeding the body the fundamentals it needs to repair itself. 

How Do I Use Collagen?

1-2 scoops (tablespoons) per beverage. 1-2 times per day.

We recommend 1 scoop/tablespoon in coffee or tea, and 2 scoops in smoothies. But it’s up to you how much you’d like to use. You’re welcome to use more or less without reservations.

In hot liquids: Simply add and stir into your beverage. (Press collagen powder with a spoon against the side of your cup if needed).

Methods for dissolving in cold liquids:

  1. Blending Method: This tends to be the best method. Just add to other ingredients in a blender and blend.
  2. Dissolve Hot Method: Dissolve collagen in a small amount of hot liquid and then pour into the cold beverage.
  3.  Stir and Wait Method: Stir collagen in cold liquid and wait a few seconds. Then stir again and wait. Stir one final time and wait. This complete cycle typically takes about 3 minutes. (Usually if you let it settle after stirring, the liquid will wet the entire collagen powder and it will dissolve within a few minutes.)
  4.  Press Method: Pour into drink, stir, and press collagen powder with spoon against the wall of your cup to dissolve anything remaining.


NOTE: We are currently working on a formula to maintain the maximum absorbency for the body while improving the solubility in cold liquids. Stay tuned for this and other amazing products to come!

Is it possible to consume too much collagen?

You can take as much or as little as your body needs there is no contra indication to taking too much.  Some people do a "Collagen Loading Cycle" where they consume more quantities for about a month or two to restore themselves after a long training period, like running a Marathon for example, and after that cycle they go back to normal dosing. Always consult your Healthcare provider when you're thinking of making a dietary change. 


Why do people take collagen as a supplement?

  • Brain Function: Many amino acids in collagen support brain function. For example,Glycine has been shown to improve sleep and helps protect the brain against excessive agitation, making it easier to focus and relax.
  • Heals and Seals: Collagen helps to heal and seal the digestive tract lining. This helps improve digestive function overall.
  • Joint Health: Collagen helps keep joints repairing and healthy.
  • Bone Health: 90% of the bone matrix is made up of collagen. Taking collagen helps feed this matrix and keeps your bones strong and healthy.
  • Hair, Skin, Nails: Collagen helps to nourish and hydrate hair, skin and nails keeping them strong and vibrant.

What does it taste like?

Its flavorless! Collagen peptides are a very clean protein powder and have a neutral taste.That means you can add it to any liquid hot or cold and it won’t change the flavor of your beverage. You might notice a tiny after taste if you put it in water, but in anything else, you won’t be able to taste it at all.


What are the ingredients?

Just one simple clean ingredient. Grass-Fed Pasture Raised Bovine Hide Collagen or Wild Caught Red Snapper. Keeping it simple so you can add it to any food without compromising flavor. 


Where do Collagen Peptides come from?

They come from either the bones or skin of certain animals, most commonly from cattle and fish (but you can also find it from a pork or chicken source). Our bovine collagen comes from grass-fed, pasture raised cattle from Brazil. Our bovine collagen is non-GMO, Kosher, Dairy-free and Gluten-free.Our Marine comes from the scales of Sustainably Sourced Wild Snapper from Japan. 


What type of collagen is found in Functional Co. Collagen? 

Our collagen contains Type I & III.

What sorts of things can I put collagen in?

Because it dissolves in both hot or cold liquids, you can put it in almost anything. We love it in coffee, smoothies, and soups. But really, your creativity is the limit on this one. You can check out our Recipes, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to get ideas on what to use it with. 

NOTE: In hot liquids it dissolves very easily. In cold liquids it is best to blend it using a hand blender or regular blender.

What’s the quality of the product?

We have taken great care in the sourcing of our product as we believe in using only the highest quality ingredients for human consumption. Our product is just one very clean,
high quality ingredient: grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide from Brazil. Kosher, Non-GMO. No fillers, flavorings, additives, or preservatives.

Believe it or not, most bovine collagen products in the market are derived from cattle that were poorly treated and poorly fed. We know this because we looked all across the globe researching an excellent source for collagen. We were surprised to hear sales reps of many huge collagen companies telling us that it doesn’t really matter if the cattle are grass fed and that there was no way for them to trace whether or not they were. Several of them also mentioned that saying it was “grass-fed” was just a marketing tactic. But we as a company would not compromise to such standards.

We would not be able to sleep at night if ethically we knew we were making profit from treating cattle poorly and feeding humans poor quality products. We finally found a company with standards just like ours. This gives us the confidence to deliver to you an amazing product at a great price.

How long will it take to notice the changes?

We recommend taking it consistently for 2-3 months in order to really see the changes. However, we get consistent reports of people feeling a difference within 2-3 weeks of using our product. Just keep good observations skills. The changes tend to be gradual as you are feeding the rebuilding capabilities of your body.

If I stop taking it, will I go back to how I was?

If you stop giving your body what it needs to repair and rebuild, your body will tend to go into a gradual decline. It doesn’t mean that your body has become dependent on the
collagen supplement. But it does mean that your body depends on your giving it consistent and proper nutrients so it can operate optimally. If you stop taking collagen, you should ideally be making that bone soup at least once a week and drinking a few ounces of that gelatin daily.