About Us

Hi and welcome to The Functional Co.! We're two sisters, Mariela and Daniela, who love all things functional. One of us is a Classically-trained Chef and the other is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Clinical Nutritionist.
Through our work and friends, we would get a lot of questions on a daily basis regarding food and health - What foods are the healthier option? How can I eat healthy food without sacrificing the taste? What are some natural and holistic ways to treat certain health problems? These are just a few of the many questions we would get. After addressing such concerns, with proven, consistent results and such awesome positive feedback, we decided to create a space where we can share all of our knowledge with you and everyone else seeking the same answers.
We believe in clean and simple ingredients from well treated animals, sourced from sustainable methods for the planet. Whether the products are animal-based or plant-based, we want to help the human being as much as possible without compromising the integrity of our planet.
 We believe that synthetic vitamins are, in most cases, not ideal for the human body. We look to do as much as we can with real food or supplements that are derived from whole foods that have no additives, no colorings, no pesticides, etc. Basically, we aim to complement our diet with supplements that have as few ingredients as possible and are sourced from real foods. 
We know how important it is to keep our bodies running well and we don't think that taste should suffer just because it's "healthy". Additionally, we love the idea of foods that deliver a nutritional punch but don't take hours to prepare. We're busy women which is why our products are designed to be functional for the everyday person. We focus on giving you products and information that keep your body working properly while you focus on bigger things. 
We believe you can fuel your body with the real nutrients it needs FAST. Because we know many of you think "Oh, I would love to eat all that healthy stuff but I really don't have the time." Well, guess what?! We've taken the time out of it. You can still sustain your health without too much effort. We like things easy and functional for life and livingness. 
Now let's get out there and live our best life! 
- Mariela & Daniela (aka Mars & Dans)
  Founders of The Functional Company