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How I Speed Up Healing

July 16, 2020

How I Speed Up Healing

How I speed up healing after an accident...

Accidents happen. It's good to have tools and remedies to speed up the healing process. Below are my main recommendations to heal the injury and the scars:


Yunnan Baiyao is one of those incredible chinese herbal formulas that I would definitely use to speed up healing. To heal, new blood needs to go to the area that has had the injury. But oftentimes, blood stagnates and does not flow well after the injury. Yunnan Baiyao is a formula that helps to move the blood and get new blood into that area. This also helps to reduce pain and simply speeds up the healing process. The only contraindication is if someone is on blood thinners, don't take this product. Please consult your health care practitioner for your particular case. 

Wheat Germ Oil has a very high concentration of Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to heal the scar tissue so that the scar is less visible and the conductivity of cells in that area are optimized. I would rub the wheat germ oil 2-3 times a day for 1 minute after the open wound has healed and as the scar tissue is forming. I have seen some incredible things with Wheat Germ oil. Many scars completely go away and many are greatly reduced in appearance. You can also try Organic Sesame Seed Oil if you can't get your hands on high quality Wheat Germ Oil. This action seems small but over the course of 1-6 months, the results are fantastic. 


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