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We know that the topic of vaccines is a controversial one. People tend to be very passionate about this topic and rightly so. The main point of agreement here between those that are for vaccines and those against them or anywhere along that spectrum is that they are interested in protecting their own health and that of their family's. 

This particular page is not created to convince you to be either for vaccines or against them. It is intended to give you information to consider as you have to make decisions regarding vaccinations for yourself or your children. In the end, what is true for you is true for you and you'll have to make the decisions that make the most sense to you. I've observed that people fall along different lines regarding this topic and that is ok. The main point is to make informed decisions. 

Generally, the more good information we have in a certain topic, the better control we have in that area of our lives and the better decisions we can make in that regard. 

Below are some articles and sources we have found helpful in the topic of vaccines. If you already have a very strong stance for vaccines and do not wish to look any further, this page is not for you. If you are unsure about this topic and would like more information, the resources found on this page may be of interest to you and can help guide you in the growing list of recommended vaccinations for both children and adults. 

Note: This is not intended to be a complete list. However, as we find informative articles and websites on this given topic, we will post them here for your reference. 

Disclaimer: This is not intended to replace your medical advice and you should always talk this over with your health care provider.


National Vaccine Information Center  

For more information on specific vaccines, we like this particular website which gives details about many vaccinations. 


MMR Vaccine (Measles Mumps Rubella)


HPV Vaccine (Human Papilloma Virus)


VAXXED (The Documentary)

This documentary gives important evidence and information regarding vaccines in particular the MMR vaccine. Highly recommended.