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Find a Practitioner

One of the amazing benefits of being connected with The Functional Company is that you get great referrals to natural health care pracitioners. As a health care practitioner, I get calls from all over the United States, Mexico, and occasionally other countries asking me who I recommend.

While of course there are more awesome practitioners beyond the ones listed here, I've had the privilege of coming into contact with some amazing people who are doing amazing things to help people get back to 100%. 

The following suggestions have been built over the course of years of practice in the field of natural health care. I have an amazing network of incredible professionals who help others regain their health. Please see below for a practitioner near your area.

Be Well,

Mariela Villaverde, L.Ac., MAOM



San Francisco, CA

Dr. Thomas Cowan

(415) 334-1010



Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Schmidt

(Dr. Darren Schmidt is a wealth of knowledge and is excellent at explaining. He has a YouTube channel. Check him out! He has an entire team who is well trained and can help you. He also has long distance programs for those who are not near his area or around any others mentioned in this list.)


Clearwater, FL

Dr. Lori Puskar, DC was one of my teachers and really a genius in the field of Natural Medicine. She does distance calls and if you are close to her, I highly recommend her!


Orlando, FL

Dr. Jason Dean, DC

Dr. Lisa Palmer, DC

These two docs are experts and teachers for other docs as well. Highly expert. If you're in Orlando or surrounding area, these are your guys.



San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Michael Wells, NMD, PhD

(210) 699-0733

(Dr. Michael Wells is my go to referral in San Antonio. I have sent him dozens of people and each one has come back happy and well. If you live in or around San Antonio and can make the drive, he's sure to be of great help to you. Go!)


Austin, Texas

Austin Meridian Therapy

Jon Dollar, L.Ac.

(512) 800-9444

(Jon Dollar goes way beyond just acupuncture. He is a one of a kind, incredible practitioner who has helped me and many many others with health challenges. He is in high demand but very generous and extremely knowledgable.)


The Spring Center For Natural Medicine

All the practitioners in this center are fantastic. They are a group of women who help people recover their health through natural means. They educate on nutrition, and offer a program to really help restore your body back to health. 


Ben Charlton, D.C.

(512) 790-4372

(Chiropractic care and so much more, Ben Charlton is excellent and getting you well and keeping you well. He not only focuses on structure but understands that our structure is affected by many other factors. He has an array of tools to get you back to 100% and keep you there.)


Turtle Dragon

(510) 452-1410


AFC Wellness

(512) 259-0444

715 Discovery Blvd Suite 203
Cedar Park, TX 78613


El Paso, Texas

 Adrianne Ortega, L.Ac.

(915) 201-9303



Paramount Wellness

Erika Schultz, LAc, MAcOM, ACN

(720) 460-0766

410 W. 44th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033



You can use the link below to find a Clinician near your area or you can call their phone number. These practitioners are well trained to deal with health through natural means. UNS is a company dedicated to elevating the effectiveness of clinicians through their cutting edge technology.




Here are some options of affordable acupuncture treatments:

look up "Community Acupuncture Clinic". Community Acupuncture is based around the idea of providing affordable treatments. In order for them to do that, they typically offer low cost treatments in a big room with other people. It is still a very calming environment and each person has a very comfortable chair to relax in. You can search your area for this option and ask for pricing and set up to see if this works for you.


South Austin Community Acupuncture


Neighborhood Acupuncture Project


Acupuncture Together Austin


Depending on where you live, you may also have an Acupuncture School in your area and they usually have a Student Clinic with more affordable rates around $25-40.


AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine (look for Student Clinic under the Menu or just call the school and ask to be directed to the Student Clinic)

North Clinic (512) 467-0370

South Clinic (512) 693-4373



Dr. Gerry Curatola

New York, NY


Dr. Nunnally

Dr. Freeman

Dr. Owens

Marble Falls, Texas


Dr. Mathew Carpenter

Transcend Dental Health

Round Rock, Texas


Dr. Griffen Cole

Austin, Texas



American Bio Dental Center

Tijuana, Mexico